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What is 37.5® Technology?

by EWD |

Top athletes have long enjoyed the benefits of performance wear. Now craftsmen can too. Snickers Workwear is one of the first workwear manufacturers to introduce 37.5® Technology into its clothing.

Performance and comfort is closely linked

As any athlete will tell you, when it comes to clothing, performance and comfort are closely linked. Gregory W. Haggquist, Ph.D, founder and chief technology officer of cutting-edge fabric maker 37.5®, says an athlete’s performance can improve by up to 26 per cent through the use of the advanced technology.

Now a new line of workwear based on 37.5® Technology can improve a craftsman’s performance. The name comes from the ideal relative humidity of the microclimate close to the skin and the average person’s ideal core body temperature. “Originally we were focusing on odour-eliminating fabrics using activated carbon, but during the course of our research, we found that it had properties perfect for regulating core body temperature,” Haggquist says.

37.5® Technology cools when it's warm, but warms when it's cold

Haggquist discovered that embedding activated carbon in fabrics sped up the conversion of liquid to vapour, cooling you down when it is hot and warming you up when it is cold. Unlike conventional moisture-management fabrics, 37.5® Technology is all about preventing sweating in the first place. 

“The problem with fabrics that absorb moisture is that they solve the problem after it has arisen; you sweat, and then they start to work,” he says. “That’s too late. You want a fabric that knows what your body needs in advance.”

Origin from volcanic sand and coconut shells

Derived from volcanic sand and activated carbon from coconut shells, the active particles deeply embedded into the fibres ensure faster drying and more efficient cooling of the body. The microscopic carbon particles can both absorb and release infrared light energy emitted from the body, allowing it to quickly heat up or cool off the skin as necessary.

“We started with outdoor clothing, expanded into lifestyle and sportswear, and now we’re doing workwear,” Haggquist says. “The more comfortable workers are, the more productive they are likely to be, reducing the risk of mistakes and accidents.”

Perfect technology for workwear

Henry Lundberg, R&D Manager at Snickers Workwear, says it is all about improving comfort and enabling a better work experience. “This technology suits our workwear perfectly with its superior absorption capabilities,” he says. “We tested several similar technologies available on the market, but none of them were as responsive as 37.5®.”

According to Lundberg, an increasing number of users are requesting clothing with improved cooling capabilities, better ventilation and moisture absorption. “Our inclusion of 37.5® in our range has been a response to customer demand – especially from workers in regions with extensive periods of hot weather, such as Central Europe,” he says.

Users tests has generated very positive feedback

Snickers Workwear did both lab tests and live user tests on 37.5® before including the technology in its product range. “We have had very positive feedback from users, highlighting the improved comfort of the fabric, especially under warmer conditions,” Lundberg says. 

“This ground-breaking state-of-the-art technology fits nicely into our strategy of offering the best workwear on the market, aimed at improving the user’s efficiency and comfort,” Lundberg says. “It has unique features, and it feels great to be one of the first workwear manufacturers to launch it on the market.”

37.5® Technology

37.5® active particle technology captures and releases moisture vapour to maintain the optimum relative humidity in your microclimate.

How it works

✱The 37.5® Technology permanently embeds active particles in the fibre to capture and release moisture vapour. These particles increase the surface area of the fibre by 800 per cent and also remove moisture vapour unlike any other technology.

By actively responding to body heat, the particles use infrared energy from the body to accelerate the vapour movement and speed up the conversion of liquid to vapour, significantly increasing drying rates. The hotter the user gets, the stronger the driving force removing moisture becomes – and the more comfortable the garment remains.

Benefits for 37.5® technology

✱ It works to maintain an ideal core body temperature, enabling users to perform better.
✱ Fabrics made with 37.5® Technology dry up to five times faster than traditional moisture-management fabrics.
✱ The active particles are permanently embedded into the yarn, and will never wash out or degrade.
✱ The technology is made with naturally derived materials.

Climate comfort all day

Stay warm, dry and comfortable with a perfect microclimate next to your skin.

Maintaining the right temperature and humidity when working physically is a challenge. Both for athletes and craftsmen, both during hot and cold seasons. Your ideal body temperature is 37.5° C. The ideal relative humidity in your microclimate is close to 37.5%. In other words, 37.5® is your ideal comfort and performance zone.

This technology suits our workwear perfectly with its superior absorption capabilities. We tested several similar technologies available on the market, but none of them was as responsive as 37.5®. This makes 37.5 ® Technology suitable in many different kinds of garments – trousers, underwear and t-shirts as well as jackets.” says Henry Lundberg, R&D Manager at Snickers Workwear.

Check out our work wear with 37.5° technology!

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