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Sustainable and Ethical Production

Empowering Sustainable and Ethical Production

In the world of clothing manufacturing, sustainability isn't just an option - it's a necessity. Snickers Workwear and Hultafors Group overall are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact and promoting ethical practices throughout production processes.

Emission Reductions and Climate Targets

Aligned with the 1.5°C pathway of the Paris Agreement, Snickers Workwear and overarching Hultafors Group has set ambitious climate targets covering all three scopes of the Green House Gas (GHG) Protocol. This includes reducing carbon footprint and embracing sustainable practices at every stage of production.

Life Cycle Assessments for Environmental Accountability

Snickers Workwear conducts comprehensive Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) on products, evaluating their environmental impact from raw material sourcing to end-of-life disposal. This includes assessing factors like water use, energy consumption and carbon emissions. The LCA process helps to identify opportunities for improvement and for implementing sustainable solutions throughout the production cycle.

Responsible Supply Chain Management

Snickers Workwear and Hultafors supply chain management is built on principles of transparency, due diligence and ethical sourcing. Partners and suppliers share our commitment to sustainability and adhere to the Hultafors Group Code of Conduct and Restricted Substance List. We prioritise working with companies who promote fair labour practices, safe working conditions and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes.

Chemical Management and Compliance

Chemical management is a critical aspect of sustainable production. Snickers Workwear and Hultafors comply with strict European legislation and impose stringent requirements on the suppliers to enforce chemical safety and transparency. This includes a partnership with the Chemicals Group of the Research Institute of Sweden (RISE).

Join us in Building a Sustainable Future

Join us in our efforts toward creating a sustainable future. By choosing Snickers Workwear and Hultafors tools, you are not only choosing high quality products but also help to preserve our planet for future generations.

Together, we can build a future that's as brilliant as the products we offer.