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Making work a cooler experience

by Luke Daffey |

Stay warm, dry and comfortable with a perfect microclimate next to your skin.

On a hot day you want the fabric with the ultimate capacity for ventilation and moisture transport. That is why we at Snickers Workwear have chosen 37.5® technology to provide hardworking craftsman with the coolest experience.

5 cool facts about 37.5®

· The active particles used in 37.5® technology are derived from natural sources such as coconut shells and volcanic minerals.

· Fabrics with 37.5® technology dry up to five times faster than performance fabrics without.

· The hotter a user gets the stronger the drive force removing moisture becomes.

· 37.5® works to the level of 37.5 degrees, both when it comes to humidity percentage and temperature.

· 37.5® active particles are permanently embedded into the yarn and will never wash out or degrade.

37.5® Technology

37.5® is a ground-breaking new technology with unmatched efficiency when it comes to ventilation and moisture transport. Instead of being applied to the surface of the fabric,

37.5® fibres are woven into the fabric. This means they never get washed out so you get the full benefit wear after wear.

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Facts about sweat

Sweat is the cooling mechanism of the body. It protects us from overheating by turning moisture into vapour.

This vapour needs to be released and ventilated away from your body or you will end up soaking wet. Which probably is your experience if you have worked in non-breathable materials during hot days.

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Climate comfort all day

Stay warm, dry and comfortable with a perfect microclimate next to your skin.

Maintaining the right temperature and humidity when working physically is a challenge. Both for athletes and craftsmen, both during hot and cold seasons. Your ideal body temperature is 37.5° C. The ideal relative humidity in your microclimate is close to 37.5%. In other words, 37.5® is your ideal comfort and performance zone.

This technology suits our workwear perfectly with its superior absorption capabilities. We tested several similar technologies available on the market, but none of them was as responsive as 37.5®. This makes 37.5 ® Technology suitable in many different kinds of garments – trousers, underwear and t-shirts as well as jackets.” says Henry Lundberg, R&D Manager at Snickers Workwear.

Check out our work wear with 37.5° technology!

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